Madonna and Guy Ritchie divorcing - JUST LIKE US!

It appears that the accumulated rumors are true - Madonna and Guy Ritchie are getting divorced. And, in one of those rare flashes of humanity that gossip columnists always treasure like diamonds, it doesn't look as if it's going to be one of those nasty, bitter, weave-snatching Hollywood divorces that seem to be all the rage these days (see Mills/McCartney, Basinger/Baldwin, Richards/Sheen, SatTatt could go on). The Daily Mirror, which broke the news yesterday, tells a pretty sad story of a couple who drifted apart. The British tabloid quoted a anonymous friend of the couple, who said, "They were both very calm. Madonna told Guy: 'I'm sorry, I want a divorce'. And he agreed. It was quite painless but very sad."

It reminds SatTatt a bit of that "Celebrities: THEY'RE JUST LIKE US!" feature that runs in US Weekly. It features pictures of celebrities caught without their glamour on; getting Chinese takeout braless, picking up their chihuahua's poop in a plastic baggie, buying tampons at the grocery. It's like that, but with the enthusiastic captions written by Richard Yates.

SatTatt can just see it. "Celebrities: THEY'RE JUST LIKE US! They sometimes drift apart over time and stay together for the kids, but it gets to be too much and they finally get divorced after several years of emotionally damaging each other then end up alone, staring at the wall and thinking of the lost promises of their youth!"

But wait. "Just Like Us!" despite the lack of a prenup, which could entitle Ritchie to half of Madonna's $590 million? Whether to stay dignified or lose the chance at hundreds of millions of dollars is hardly a choice that is often foisted on Us.

Plus, the rumors that kicked off the whole shebang were when Madonna allegedly hired Fiona "Steel Magnolia" Shackleton. Shackleton, who represented Paul McCartney in his divorce this year and who notably got a cup of ice water dumped on her head in the courtroom by an enraged Heather Mills, is regarded as the best in the business for keeping your ex's money-grubbing paws off your fortune; Shackleton got the last laugh by holding Mills to about $50 million of McCartney's estimated $1.6 billion net worth.

Well, either Madonna and Ritchie are both decent human beings or they have the best PR person in the world. SatTatt hopes that the whole business remains as classy as it has been to date, and that nobody with a cancer-stricken parent is told to "go cry to your bald mother, you f---ing loser." (That gem courtesy Richards/Sheen.)

But consider the source. The couple hasn't confirmed any of the rumors, and there has been a recent spate of anonymously-sourced tabloid exclusives that have proved embarrassingly untrue.

SatTatt's here to tell you straight: Angelina Jolie, tired of the constant harrassment from paparazzi and gossip columnists, is on a vigilante campaign to punish and discredit the tabloids by calling in tasty fake tips which can then be proved blatantly false, beginning with the well-publicized non-birth of her twins last month.

At least, that's what SatTatt's extremely credible anonymous source told her. Just now. *

Daily News wire services contributed to this report.

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